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I regularly take iron tablets – is this considered medication?

If you are or were taking over-the-counter medicine such as iron tablets, we would consider this medication (even if it wasn’t prescribed by a doctor). If you were taking the tablets because of a known medical condition, such as iron deficiency, we will consider this relevant – but only if it is related to the claim. If you were taking the tablets for general health reasons, we would not consider this relevant to a claim.

I did have a medical condition, but over five years ago my doctor confirmed I was in remission and effectively cured. Would I be covered if it does come back?

If you had a historical medical condition which you had ‘recovered’ from more than five years before the start of your policy without further incident, then if the condition reoccurred after the start of your policy you would be covered. The recovery would need to be formally certified by a registered medical practitioner.

I have annual check-ups for a condition I suffered from more than five years ago, to ensure everything is still okay. Will this be counted against me if I need to claim in future for that condition?

Annual check-ups and routine screening for a historical condition (that you have been previously cured or medically cleared of by a registered medical practitioner) will not be considered relevant under the pre-existing condition exclusion. The medical clearance would need to be formally certified by a registered medical practitioner.

I am waiting on results of some tests from my doctor but this won’t be for a couple of weeks – will I be covered if a medical issue is identified?

condition does not need to have been actually diagnosed to be excluded under the pre-existing condition exclusion. The fact that you have experienced signs or symptoms of a possible condition or consulted a medical professional means that any related claim may be declined.

Even though the confirmation of the condition may be after the commencement date of the policy, the signs or symptoms and medical consultation were experienced before.

There is some history of breast cancer in my family. Will this be counted against me at time of claim?

Unless you have personally suffered from the condition or suffered signs or symptoms, then we would not exclude a condition just because it is prevalent in other family members.

My doctor has told me that I could do with losing a few kilos. Will my claims be declined if I suffer from a condition which is caused or made worse by being overweight?

If you have been given general medical advice (e.g. to give up smoking, to lose weight or drink less), but this is not due to a known underlying medical condition and no further medical advice is prescribed (medication, counselling or further tests or appointments recommended), then we would not decline a claim just because of this.

I was given a prescription by my doctor for cholesterol pills but I have never picked them up. If I suffered a heart attack or stroke, would I be covered?

If you were prescribed medication for a condition in the five years before you took out the policy, and this is directly or indirectly related to what you are claiming, we would consider this relevant to the claim and this would be declined.

I work as a farmer and have access to, and occasionally need to use, a shotgun for managing pests around the farm. How will this affect any claim I make under Simple Life?

The hazardous activity exclusion relates to the activity and not your occupation. For example, if you were claiming due to an injury or death which was directly or indirectly caused by using a firearm then this will be excluded. However, subject to other policy terms and exclusions you would be covered for other injuries or illnesses that may occur whilst you are working as a farmer.

What do you mean by an “activity”?

Activities relate to anything which you do. This may include, but not be exclusive to, your occupational duties, hobbies or past-times, irrespective of how often you undertake them.

Why do you have a hazardous activity exclusion?

Unlike many policies, Simple Life does not require you to disclose your occupation or any details on any hazardous activities you undertake, as part of the application process. Instead of declining all cover or charging extra premiums for activities associated with a high risk of death or injury, Simple Life simply excludes any claims resulting from a number of specific hazardous activities.

What if, after reading this, I am not sure that Simple Life is for me, but I would still like some insurance cover?

That’s not a problem. Sovereign offers a range of insurance solutions, including ones that can provide you with confirmation of the conditions and activities you are covered for before you start your insurance.


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